“Jakko” company was incorporated in 2002 as a trading company in the field of engineering systems of water supply, heating and plumbing. Up to date, it is a trade and commercial company and has its own “Jakko” plant in Karaganda (Kazakhstan). The company possess a chain of stores of «Almatherm» plumbing fixtures in 20 town of Kazakhstan.

“Jakko” plant was launched in 2010 and its capacity makes 8000 tons of products per year. The output capacity of the existing equipment is 633 000 kg per month. All products are manufactured under “JAKKO” trademark and meet the high quality standards and have long service life up to 50 years.

Range of the products manufactured has grown bigger every year, satisfying the interests of the consumers. Currently, “JAKKO” brand lining has more than 1000 items, which have successfully distributed by more than 450 dealers in Kazakhstan and in neighbouring countries as well.

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